About Us

Family Statement

We exist to glorify God by advancing His Kingdom through gospel disciple making among all nations and generations.

Our Beliefs

We are a Southern Baptist Church and our basic beliefs are found in the Baptist Faith and Message. We also have our Articles of Guidance.

Next Steps:

Believe in Jesus as Lord
Believer’s baptism as an outward expression of an inward trust in Jesus as Lord
Belong to CBC Family – join in various ways: profession of faith, statement of faith, transfer of membership and completion of Heart for His House class

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy effects everything about us from our style to our ministries. We intentionally resolve to be a biblically based, Christ-centered, intergenerational church family with a biblical worldview fulfilling a great mission. We want to disciple every age and to be on the same page. Our intergenerational philosophy causes us to be interactive with every age and thus loving God and loving others interwoven into every aspect. We simply desire to bring families and the gospel together.