Crestwood Campus Community

When: Sunday mornings at 10:30

Where: The BCM on the University of Louisville’s campus

The Crestwood Campus Community, or C3, is a church plant beginning on the University of Louisville’s campus on August 28th. The plant is beginning as an on campus opportunity for students to attend a church home that is familiar to them as well as giving them a solid place for community and fellowship. The Baptist Campus Ministry has been extremely willing and servant hearted to allow this plant to be located in their building, which is at the heart of activity on the campus. We are excited to see what the Lord does through this process of building a church from the ground up, praying that we can be a part of a growing Christ-centered community on one of the biggest, and darkest college campuses in the country.

Christ Focussed: We want to glorify the Lord in all that we do as a community. Worship that acknowledges Christ, biblical teaching that will be central to the work and encouragement of the individual and the community, and discipleship that flows from individual to individual. We will hold the standard of our church to the standard Christ has called every Christian to hold… Love God, love others. We aim to be building a community on the words of Jesus, and not on the words of “church”.

Community: The reason we are calling this a community is because we want to make this a peoples church. The book of Acts is a picture we feel the church should emulate in our approach. Focussing on relationships, fellowship, and taking that family outside the walls into the campus and surrounding communities. To focus on relationships is to make a focus on discipleship. Through living life together, seeking God together, and simply being people together, we aim to build a church built on love.

Campus: Our hope and prayer is that this community will be a source of light on the campus. A light that is made radiant by people who have the light of Christ. Through them, we are looking to spread the love and community that Christ has started in us.

Get Involved: As this is a church being built on people, there are huge potential ministry opportunities for you to be involved. Instrumentalists and singers for worship, tech team, leadership roles, and teaching roles are all areas that we are looking to find and help equip shepherds for the gospel. If you want to be involved, have prior experience, or feel a call to ministry in any way, we want to encourage and help you find a place to exercise your gifts!


If you have questions or an interest in being involved, contact Derek Chilton: