Iron Man

Thank you for your interest in serving with Crestwood Baptist Church for Ironman 2017, on October 15!

Please click on the link to register:

The Ironman triathlon bike course begins in Louisville and loops its way through Oldham County twice.  The main task at our aid station is to ensure that the athletes cycling by will have access to water, gatorade, and other nutritional supplements provided by Ironman.  In addition to keeping a steady supply of nutrition available, roadside, we will need to maintain a safe and tidy station as the cyclists drop off their used bottles, trash, etc.  Beyond that, we really try to go the extra mile at our aid station and will continue in our long tradition of having a DJ and a theme that help give the cyclists an extra boost to continue down the road.  We have a lot of fun and we’ve always done a great job cheering for and encouraging the athletes.  We will assign specific tasks based on our volunteers and needs on race day.  It is our hope that these athletes can experience the light of Christ in the short amount of time they interact with us.  We have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact in just a few moments with people from all over the world.  In addition, the Ironman Staff who comes back year after year, gets a little glimpse into how CBC cares for our community in our willingness to serve and to serve well.

Questions? Please ask!!
Jimmy Brown- 502-544-9271,
Anne Brown- 502-468-2089,