Cancer Prayer Quilts

What is Prayers & Squares?

Prayers & Squares, our Prayer Quilt Ministry, makes quilts for cancer patients. However, the primary mission of our Prayers & Squares Ministry is not to make and distribute quilts, but to promote prayer through the use of quilts.

Our motto is “It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the prayers.”

Each Knot Represents a Prayer

The idea behind these prayer quilts is simple. A heavy thread is used to take stitches through the quilt layers, and the ends are left free to be tied with square knot. As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is said for someone with cancer, who then receives the finished quilt. Cards with information about the cancer patients are available so that people can continue to remember these patients in their prayers. When the person receives their quilt, they have a visible reminder of the prayers being said on their behalf.

Request a Prayer Quilt

Through Prayers & Squares, over 800 quilts have been distributed, each a special gift of prayer and love. Since their name and condition is given out on our prayer cards, we require that permission be granted by the cancer patient for us to tie a quilt for them. There is no fee involved. Due to our limited resources, our ministry provides prayer quilts for people connected to our community of faith at Crestwood Baptist Church. Once the quilt has been tied & prayed over, we will wash the quilt & return it to the Welcome center at our church for you to pick up and deliver to the recipient. If you would like to request a Prayer Quilt for a friend or loved one, please fill out the form below and click on submit.

For more information regarding prayer quilts, please email us.

To request a Cancer Prayer Quilt click here. quilt

If you have not heard from someone in the Prayer Quilt group  in two weeks from requesting a quilt, please contact Chris Rieke at 241-8534 or