Missionaries and Church Plants


The following people are connected to our church and are serving God faithfully in career missions. Pray for them and their families.

Justin and Allison,  Africa

Danny and Mary Crawley, South Asia

Eric and Lisa Laffoon, Malawi

Roger and Courtney, Bangkok, Thailand

Rebecca, Central Asia

Julie Wiegand, Dominican Republic

Church Plants

Santa Lucia, Dominican Republic

CBC, in cooperation with G.O. Ministries, established a church, feeding center, and school in one location next to a dump site called The Fly (La Mosca) near Santiago. CBC is providing funds for the building, cooking equipment, meals for starving children six days per week, and a water purification system. We have an annual fall break mission trip there.

Matthew’s Table – Richmond, VA

The primary focus of our church is to bring healing to the city of Richmond by serving those living in the projects (Courts). The way we want to be a blessing is to plant churches in and for the projects of the city.

According to a study done by the University of Richmond, the East End has more housing projects “courts” per capita than any city south of New York.

This is staggering when you think about the size of some of these cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. This amounts to 1 housing unit for every 50 Richmonders.

When Jesus began his ministry of preaching the good news of the gospel and doing good deeds, he called several men to learn from him. One of these men was a guy named Matthew. Matthew was an outcast of society. So, Matthew was so excited to be accepted by Jesus that he “held a banquet in his home with Jesus as the guest of honor (Luke 5:29)” and Matthew invited all of his friends.

Matthew’s Table was place of belonging and acceptance for those who could not find these things anywhere else. We are Matthew’s Table because we want to be like that place. Our desire is to be “a people” who welcome and invite those who are normally rejected and forgotten by the world to find acceptance and family through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For more information, contact Ricky Love at:
P.O. Box 23090, Richmond, VA 23223; also can you add a link to their website: www.matthewstablechurch.com