MC Moments

Being Served Brings a Passion to Serve – Patsy Littrell

There are two reasons I love volunteering at The Closet.

One: we are commanded to do this in Matthew 25:36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

The other reason:  Serving has become my passion.  I truly know how the people we serve at The Closet feel.  I can remember ladies from the church bringing our family boxes of clothes to wear because we could not afford them.  I can remember getting so excited when I found something that fit.  Each week I’m able to see the smiles on our client’s faces when they find clothing that fits.  It is so rewarding and has created in me a passion to help those who are less fortunate.

When you give, you receive – Larry and Leslie Johnson

We have been working with the team at the closet for about a year, the great part of this ministry is that there is something for everybody.  We have families that serve together, couples and single people, but when we’re together we are one family, God’s.  It doesn’t matter how the day went and how tired we are, spending time at the closet always leaves us with a feeling that we are at work with God, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I was touched by my experience with a young man this past week. He is currently residing at a 1/2 way house after his release from prison where he accepted Jesus as his savior. He asked for prayers for his teenage son who is starting down the same path he did year earlier; staying out late, drinking, smoking pot and experimentation with drugs. He is very concerned that if something does not happen to change his path his son will make the same mistakes he made resulting in the same consequences. We talked about how he could sit down with his son and relate his own life story and how similar his son’s was to his own and encourage him to change his path to avoid those consequences.

Another experience came from a first time Closet visitor who shared with me how he had accepted Christ at a very early age. However when asked if he thought in looking back if he understood what he was doing he stated he really did not. He talked about being concerned about his brothers and sisters and girl friend and we discussed how he could be a role model to bring them closer to Christ. After more conversation and discussing the Holy Spirit he asked Christ into his life voicing the sinners prayer and asked for continued prayer for strength to live a better life and help his loved ones come to acceptance of Christ as their savior.

As Christians we are called by our savior to serve the needs of those around us and across the world. Often we think that to serve we must go across the world. The stories quoted above reflect only a small sampling of the desperate needs within our own back yard. While we cannot always be on mission in a remote country we have unlimited opportunities to serve just down the road at the Closet. Giving just a few hours of our time weekly we can touch the lives of many in need. Sometimes it is just listening, sometimes it is praying with them, perhaps just encouraging and reassuring there is someone who cares. We can make a difference in another’s  life. The amazing thing is that you cannot make a difference in another’s life without it making a change in yours. That’s how God works, when you give you receive.

My most memorable experience … – Joyce Griffin

One Thursday night a lady came in and as we sat down to talk she said, “I don’t need food and I don’t need clothes.  I came for someone to pray for me.” And pray we did!!