New Commands and a New Covenant

Sermon Outline

February 5, 2012

Series: The Story

Title:  New Commands and a New Covenant

Text:  Exodus


God set the protocol for holy living

  • The Covenant (Exodus 19:3-8)
  • The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17)
  • The Book of the Covenant (Exodus 21-23; 24:3-8) [Micah – you do not need to display chapters 21-23 on screen]


God sets the pattern for His dwelling

  • The Tabernacle (Exodus 24:12-25:9) (Exodus 33b-38) [start with “Thus Moses finished the work…”]


Day One – Am I prepared to meet God?

Day Two – What do I see in the mirror of God’s will?

Day Three – Am I living with a divided worldview?

Day Four – What is the greatest commandment? (Mt 22:36-40; John 13:34-35)

Day Five – Am I serving God with what He gave me?

Day Six – When is the last time I thanked Christ for shedding His blood and shared Him with others? (2 Cor. 3-4)

Day Seven – Is my heart moved to go “over and out”?  (Ex. 25:1-2; 35:21-22, 26-29; 36:1-7)




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