Serving in Guest Services

View the needs below. If interested, contact the necessary person, or fill out the form below.

Medical Team

  • Sunday mornings, provide medical assistance as needed while you are at church.

  • Report for duty as assigned on monthly schedule.

  • Pick up a radio and nametag from the radio room.

  • Notify Welcome Center of your arrival and again when you depart.

  • While you are volunteering, keep your radio on “guest services” channel.

  • Please handle the medical situation as per your training, providing basic First Aid or CPR until the EMS arrives.

  • Please be faithful in your area of service. Should you not be available for service, please find a substitute.

  • Please Note: While serving in this ministry, you may participate in your regular Bible Study and Worship times! Each person is asked to commit to serving in this ministry for one year on a rotational basis and may continue as long as desired.

  • Contact Chris Smith at 502.609.3427 or Missy Wells at or 502.715.1056(cell).

Door Greeter Coordinator

  • Create a monthly schedule of volunteers to greet at each door on Sunday morning and for other churchwide events. Help in the recruitment of greeters. Email the schedule each month to the volunteers.
  • Serve as long as available.
  • Contact Scott Riggs at 241-8534 or

Receptionist/ Welcome Center

  • Volunteer to answer phones and greet guests when receptionist is off work or has a meeting.
  • Volunteer to help prepare music CD’s for the choir
  • Volunteer to copy CD’s & DVD’s of Sunday services
  • Contact Scott Riggs at 241-8534 or


Serving in Guest Services

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