Serving in Mission Crestwood

The Closet and Pantry

  • There are many opportunities to serve.
  • The Closet: Advocate (talk with those waiting to be served about Christ and pray with them), check-in desk, help shoppers find what they need, sort and hang clothing, carry bags to cars, exit room, childcare.
  • The Pantry: pack food boxes, distribute food boxes, help cart food to cars, unload trucks, pick-up food from Wal-Mart and Dare to Care.
  • Day and Time: Monday 10-noon, Tuesday (2nd and 4th weeks) 5:30-7:30 (must schedule ahead), Thursday 9-noon and 4:30-8:00, Saturday 10-noon

 Multi-Housing Ministry

  • Working with a team to show God’s love and teach both children and adults in apartment settings. Life Way materials used.
  • Day and Time: Maple Springs Apt. – Sunday 2-3:30pm (Other days and times up to the team’s discretion.)

 Celebrate Recovery (Coming when God provides workers)

  • Working with a team to show others God’s way to deal with hurts, habits (addictions) and hang ups. Materials provided.
  • Day and time: at team’s discretion

Lydia’s Prom

  • Prom time should be special for all of our community girls. This group will collect dresses, jewelry and shoes, organize make-up artists and hairdressers and plan the event for these young ladies. Collection of all items is ongoing!!
  • Event Day and Time: March

Serving in Mission Crestwood

  • do not enter dashes or spaces