Special Needs Guidelines

Crestwood Baptist Church

Children’s Ministry

(children age 11 and under)

At Crestwood Baptist Church we want to share the love of Jesus with all children and their families. We hope to expand our volunteer base as we become aware of individual needs. 

We currently do not offer a separate special needs class. Instead, we utilize volunteers to work closely with the child in a mainstream setting. The following guidelines have been put together for the safety, security, and well being of children with special needs at our church.

In order to provide the best care for children with special needs, we prefer to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the parent/guardian and/or the child prior to participation in any children’s program. Our Special Needs Ministry contact is available to discuss the child’s needs. Our goal is to work with parents/guardians to meet the needs of each child within the following guidelines:

  • We request that a parent or guardian remain with the child on the first day of class until we have assigned a volunteer. This will provide a smoother transition and make each child feel at ease.
  • Parents agree to share pertinent information with regard to their child’s special needs. The information will be made available to volunteers for the purpose of meeting the needs of the child. 
  • We encourage that parents bring their child to the same church service/ministry program each week. This allows consistency with volunteers.
  • Parents agree to provide their cell phone number to the Children’s Ministry while their child is in attendance. If notified, parents agree to check on their child promptly and determine the next steps accordingly.
  • Parents agree to volunteer on a rotational basis to assist children with special needs. Adults serving in the Children’s Ministry must complete a background check.

Teachers and Special Needs Ministry contact and/or Minister of Childhood Education will be available to discuss how to best meet the needs of each child. An open line of communication is vital between parents/guardians and the Children’s Ministry to help children with special needs have a positive experience at Crestwood Baptist Church.