Join a Sunday Bible Study

Our Adult, Student, and Children’s Sunday School classes follow the Explore the Bible curriculum from Lifeway. For a preview click here.

All Sunday School classes meet at 9:15 am followed by worship service at 10:30 am.


This is a coed class with members of all ages. Each class ends with an intimate prayer time. The class seeks to live an authentic relationship with Christ, to be real with one another, and to live out the agape love of Christ by caring for one another and for others through a variety of ministries. Led by Mark Roberts.

Room 1206


If you are a 20-30 something, single, young married, college, post-college, young adult, this class is for you! Combined with Biblical teaching and Bible study, the CARE class provides wonderful Christian fellowship and community. Along with Sunday School, the class meets together for prayer, monthly get-togethers and service projects. Led by Philip Smith, and Andrew Moore.

Room 1211

Couples with Kids

This class is comprised of married couples with children, digging deep into Scripture. The group gathers periodically outside the regular class to build deeper relationships. Led by Matt Keck.

Room 1223


Diversity is a co-ed, multigenerational class. Several get-togethers are planned each year with dinner and fellowship. The class shares in community service projects, outreach events, and sponsorships. Kathy Kalbfleisch teaches the Diversity class.

Room 1210

Knowing Christ

Women’s Sunday School class led by Cheri Cagle. We’ll learn together how to grow as Disciples, gain Understanding and wisdom through the Word of God, gear our hearts toward Servanthood in order to reach others for Christ, and strive to guard the Truth that has been entrusted to us. Our Covenant God loves you and pursues you relentlessly! Join us as we pursue God right back!

Room 1204


This class, comprised of married and single women ranging in age from 40-80+, is led by Barbara Martin. It is geared toward women who are divorced, widowed, married and/or married but whose husbands don’t attend church. This class is welcoming, loving, and they get a joy out of serving the Lord! The women are engaged in numerous mission projects, ministries, and activities.

Room 1214

Friends in Faith

Sam Dunkle leads this bible study with open discussion. The class varies between men and women, ages 40-60 years with teenagers, college, and young adult children. The class likes to participate in mission events, quarterly outings, and they are very supportive of each other.

Room 1216


Led by Will Ailstock and David Potts, this class is comprised of married couples with children, who study God’s Word. The class focuses on outreach to families of school-age children, and those who may not have a Sunday School class.

Room 1226


(Helping Other People Eternally) – This Bible-based class uses “Explore the Bible” for its study curriculum. Lecture and class discussion are utilized. Most members of the H.O.P.E. class are in their 60’s. They do not have children at home, and some are grandparents. Socials are held quarterly, generally in a class member’s home. This coed class also enjoys going out for brunch after church quarterly.

Room 1215

In the WORD

This multi-generational, family-oriented, class welcomes children and adults of all ages who want to delight in God’s Word together as we explore its truth and application while engaging in interactive discussion and fellowship.

Room 1225


Jay Watkins leads this group of men, ranging in age from 50 – 85. Teaching from the Explore the Bible Sunday School material, he encourages discussion from the members. This class shares the Scriptures, life experiences, and friendships.

Room 1205

Men in the Word

This class led by Jeff Stovall is geared for men aged 30-60. This class meets in our Conference Room.

Room 1224


(Ministry of Serving Adults in Christ) ~ This class focuses on studying God’s Word and applying His Word to life! The class is interested in serving in church and community events and studying the Scriptures. Class leader, Phil Warren, is happy to welcome you.

Room 1202


This class consists of middle-aged women seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and fellowship with other believers. Facilitated by Sheree Foley and Nancy Simpson.

Room 1208


(Teaching Others Under Christ’s Hand) – This coed class targets the 40ish age range but welcomes all ages, 18-80. The class leader, Loren Oldham, seeks to combine a time of dynamic and relevant teaching of God’s Word with a genuine concern for one another that results in encouraging, bearing one another’s burdens and spurring one another on toward love and good deeds. The class has quarterly socials that include children about 50% of the time.

Room 1213


This class is led by Gwen Wilson and consists of women aged 50 – 70s. They collect for their class fund each week and use the money to fund special projects throughout the church. They minister to their members by preparing meals for those who have suffered a loss and sending birthday cards. They spend 1/2 the class time in fellowship with one another and the other 1/2 in the lesson. They hold class socials 3 times a year with potluck dinners or going out to dinner as a class.

Room 1203

Men for the MAN

This new class is open to men of all ages at any point in their walk with Christ (we especially invite any men new to CBC or their Christian faith).  Proverbs 27:17 states, “As Iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.” We seek to be a group of vulnerable men learning, supporting, and challenging each other to be what CHRIST would have us be. Led by Matt Watkins.

Room 1222

College & Young Professionals

This class focuses on understanding scripture through its proper cultural and historical context, while being able to apply scripture to modern and contemporary issues.  Taught by Steve Horn.

Room 1212

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